Aroma Lemon and Ginger 15 Pinnacle Teabags


This tisane tea has whole ginger root pieces and dried lemon peel with flavourings to create a warming balance of sweetness and spice. Popular energy booster and thought to have many health benefits. 

Pinnacle Teabags are pyramid shape which best infuses the tea, getting the full flavour realised. Each pack contains 15 pinnacle teabags and comes in a sealable bag.

It’s known to have herbal qualities because of the nutrition collected in the ginger root. The ginger root is used in many different countries and all have their own way of preparing it. In Burma it is used in traditional medicines. Corfu makes a unique ginger beer and in western countries mostly used in sweet treats.

Lemon has endless qualities apart from being a natural flavouring it has vitamin C, B6, A, E, which are excellent for boosting the body’s immune system and brightening up your day. 

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