Aroma Earl Grey 15 Pinnacle Teabags


Classic Earl Grey flavour with the Bergamot fruit shining through. Our particular blend is mixed with teas from China, Sri Lanka and India giving it a full bodied flavour with added citrus undertones. What makes Earl Grey distinctive is the natural Bergamot oil from Italy. Bergamot is a variety of orange which gives the tea its light pungent familiar smell.

Pinnacle Teabags are pyramid shape which best infuses the tea getting the full flavour realised.  Each pack contains 15 pinnacle teabags and comes in a sealable bag.

This tea is assumed to have got its name from the British Prime Minister in the 1830s, Earl Charles Grey. Who according to some, received a gift of Bergamot oil infused tea. Although there are many stories about the Earls heroism in China saving poor people from drowning, he, however, never went to China. In the 1800s the tea was associated with being upper-class and posh.

Nowadays you will find it often served in bone china cups and saucers, to accompany your truly English 'Afternoon Tea.' (The cucumber sandwiches, must always have the crusts removed!!!!

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