Aroma Yunnan Green 15 Pinnacle Teabags


Yunnan is located in the southwest of China, often described as the Assam of China. Favoured as a breakfast tea in china, this tea is stronger than most green teas and has an earthy character with light golden liquor.

Pinnacle Teabags are pyramid shape which best infuses the tea getting the full flavour realised.  Each pack contains 15 pinnacle teabags and comes in a sealable bag.

Originating from the mountains of Yunnan, the rain and foggy conditions make this tea different from the other Chinese Teas. Tea grown in Yunnan prior to the Han Dynasty, was produced in the traditional compressed method. The leaves are from the Assamica variety of Camellia Sinensis, producing a stronger tea.

Did you know that Green tea is the most popular tea consumed in China? It has been associated with many health benefits, as it contains polyphenol antioxidants.

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Aroma Yunnan Green
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