Aroma English Breakfast 15 Pinnacle Teabags


One of the most popular blends in British culture, seen as a hearty robust tea, ideal tea to start the day.  With its full bodied flavour and fine leaf you get real depth in the brew. Perfect mix of Assam and Ceylon creates a medium strength.

Pinnacle Teabags are pyramid shape which best infuses the tea getting the full flavour realised.  Each pack contains 15 pinnacle teabags and comes in a sealable bag.

The origins of English Breakfast tea surprisingly came from America, the blend was created by an English immigrant in New York City. Although the exact year of the blends origin is disputed between historians, it became most popular when the tea was sent to Scotland and Queen Victoria sampled it at Balmoral Castle, where it became the tea of the century!

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Aroma English Breakfast P.F.
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