Aroma Lapsang Souchong 50 Teabags


Lapsang Souchong is a Black China Tea. This tea has been dried over pinewood fires and gains a smokey flavour.  Traditionally grown in the foot hills of Mount Wuyi, with it's high altitude this tea is naturally medium strength and the drying method gives it it's flavour. 

Packs of 50 teabags

The story goes that in the Qing era of the 17th Century, when passage between the mountains was delayed because of huge armies passing through, they would speed up the drying process on fires made with local pines. According to research, Lapsang tea was the first tea in history even before Keemun. Souchong refers to the fourth and fifth layers of the tea plant.

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Aroma Lapsang Souchong
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