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Shropshire Brew is our unique blend. Designed to cut through the local water so you can really taste the tea.This is a very popular choice for our teabag customers. It is also well used by the many cafes we supply. Good medium strength British tea flavour with dark liquor. This grade is a fine leaf which infuses quickly creating a strong flavour.

This blend originated in the late 80's when we first started selling our tea's outside of Shropshire. Customers from outside Shropshire (our home county) had different comments about our teas than the locals. The locals noticed a distinct aftertaste that wasn't found when brewing and drinking elsewhere. So we set about finding the perfect blend to suit our local water and let the tea shine through. Shropshire Brew was created and has been satisfying locals of Shropshire for many years now. 

We also have this blend as a loose leaf tea.

Check out our Shropshire Roast for a similarly designed coffee blend. 

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