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Young Hyson is a Chinese Green tea made by the traditional method of hand rolling. The young leaves are picked and twisted into long thin strands, that unfold when brewed. It is grown in southwest China, giving it a golden cup with a soft and substantial taste. The grade is a medium/large leaf so takes slightly longer to brew, so the leaves have time to realise their flavour. Brew with slightly cooler water to get the best out of green tea. 

Hyson is normally seen as a low grade tea; however the "Young" Hyson, is the higher quality leaf. It was a highly priced commodity in 1700s and was believed to be one of the 15 teas that were thrown into the sea, during the Boston Tea Party. The name Hyson comes from the Cantonese “flourishing spring tea”.

Did you know that Green tea is the most popular tea consumed in China. It has been associated with many health benefits, as it contains polyphenol antioxidants.

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