Aroma Mango

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This is a medium strength black China tea leaf, enriched with dried sweet Mango pieces and bright Marigold Petals. Mango is one of our most popular loose leaf fruit scented teas; its exotic sweetness is a perfect match for the smooth black tea.

Mango trees grow up to 40m in height and 10m in radius and can still produce fruit after 300 years. The fruit often takes 4-5 months to ripen. Nearly half the world’s Mango production comes from India alone. Spain is one of the few countries in Europe that has the climate to produce Mangos.

Brew as normal black tea. Whether to add 'Milk', is down to your personal taste.


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    Liverpool Lou
    Location: Woolton, Liverpool
    Mmmm Mango tea!
    Date: 14th December 2012
    Lovely light tea with a heavenly aroma and refreshing taste. Wonderful summer tea but goes down brilliantly any time. I'm hooked on it and so are my friends now, so guess they will be getting some for Xmas. Staff at shop, if you 'phone, are so helpful and knowledgeable.
    2 of 2 found this review helpful.

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