Aroma Yunnan Black F.O.P.

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Yunnan is located in the southwest of China, often described as the Assam of China. Favoured as a breakfast tea in China, this tea is stronger than most China teas and has an earthy character with golden liquor. This grade is a large leaf (F.O.P.), so takes longer to infuse thereby drawing out more of the earthy tones.

'F.O.P' Flowery Orange Pekoe, refers to high quality whole leaf tea made from the first two leaves and bud of the shoot. 

It is seen as a gourmet tea in China and used in a variety of blends. Tea grown in Yunnan prior to the Han dynasty was produced in the traditional compressed method.'Tea Bricks' were once used a form of currency. 

The leaf is well twisted with a small amount of golden tip.


Superstitions surrounding tea abound: tea leaves strewn on the doorstep, for example, are said to keep evil spirits and poverty at bay.

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