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Shropshire Brew is our own unique blend, developed to suit the local hard water.  This blend is a very small leaf grade (P.F.), giving a very strong breakfast style brew. We also offer a similar style of Tea in a teabag, again blended to suit the local water. The water used for any hot beverages can made a hugh difference to  the taste. As a fine leaf tea it needs to be brewed for a very short time. 

This blend originated when we started to receive comments about the teas/coffees we sold in the local area,  compared to the comments made from customers in stores we supplied in Wales and further afield. People drinking the teas/coffees outside of Shropshire, that had a different water source, had no comments and loved our products; whereas Salopians (people from Shropshire) were commenting about a chemical aftertaste. So we set out to find the perfect tea blend to suit the water and let the tea shine!

We also have a coffee called Shropshire Roast which was developed for the same reason.

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