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Formosa Oolong is a very distinctive tea as the leaves are two toned in colour due to the way they are dried. It is classed as semi fermented which means the leaves are lighter in colour than a normal black tea. Formosa Oolong is grown in Taiwan and the specific type of plant and altitude creates a fruity peach character to the brew. The process involves allowing the leaves to ferment for only 50% of the normal time and then leaving them in the sun to wilt, whilst being turned frequently. Rich in flavour but not too dark in colour, this grade is a large leaf. It therefore requires longer to brew, although it doesn’t darken as much as some teas, it is packed with delicious flavour.

The term Oolong is a method of drying/fermenting the leaves to enhance the flavour. Very popular in the south of China, the method has many different varieties. The word Oolong means “Black Dragon Tea” and is often referred to as dark green tea because of its light colour, while being classed as a black tea.

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