Aroma Pu-Erh

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Pu-Erh is grown in the Yunnan province in China, the tea is named after the town situated close by called Pu’er. Due to its unique drying method it has a dark-brown infusion with an earthy/woody character. This grade is a medium leaf so needs slightly longer to infuse and has a naturally dark liquor.

Traditionally this tea was buried in the soil to produce its somewhat earthy character and was reserved for the nobility of China. With the aid of modern techniques this tea still undergoes a similar process. Pu-erh is often mistaken for black tea, but goes through a longer secondary oxidation stage that ages the tea, often for years. It has a slightly different chemical make up to the average black tea which creates the strong liquor.


Tea is said to have been discovered more than 5000 years ago by the Chinese emperor Shen Nung.

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