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In 2018, Kenya was the largest exporter and producer of Black Tea. Kenya's climate is ideal for tea growing, with tropical, red volcanic soils and long sunny days, helping to produce a full-bodied, very deep in colour, malty flavour. This grade is a large leaf (F.O.P.), which takes longer to infuse, thereby drawing out the strong flavour.

'F.O.P', Flowery Orange Pekoe, refers to high quality whole leaf tea made from the first two leaves and bud of the shoot.

Tea production was introduced in 1903 to Kenya. Because of the crush, tear, curl method used for drying and its strong flavour, it is used in many blends; often paired with Indian teas because of its strength. Because of the large production of tea in Kenya most plantations use machinery for picking and drying, however small estates still use traditional hand picking methods.


Since tea was introduced into Britain, it has been credited with healing powers. This is reflected in a few current brand names - PG. is said to stand for pre-gestive and Typhoo is Chinese for doctor.

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