Aroma Filter Cone 1 x 4


Brown plastic 1 x 4 Filter Cone
The precursor to the modern electric filter coffee machine, the cone pour-over system was invented by Mrs Melitta Bentz in 1908 and is still viewed by many coffee aficionados as the best way to make great coffee.
The system is quite simplistic. A cone shaped device that resembles the filter holder section of the electric filter coffee machines is placed on top of a mug or (depending on the size) a jug. A paper filter is inserted into the cone and coffee is put into the filter. Water is then poured over the coffee and the flow of water is regulated by a hole in the bottom of the cone. 
The cone pour-over can be made out of plastic, ceramic, or metal. Here is the medium size 1 x 4 plastic filter cone for jugs only. The benefits of the system are numerous. They include: coffee brewed at the perfect temperature, regulated flow of water, optimal turbulence of coffee grounds via cone shape design, and ultimate freshness. 
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