La Spaziale S1 Mini-Vivaldi 1 Group Espresso Machine Rosso


With Italian flair this traditional espresso machine will take pride of place in any coffee aficionado's kitchen, or as an ancillary machine for a catering operation where space and portability are more important than speed. Although by far we supply more of these machines to delis / bakeries / sandwich bars and hairdressers who require consistently good quality coffee.

An Electronic one group espresso coffee machine with automatic coffee dose control, Allows you to make one or two coffees at a time. Using the unique patented La Spaziale heating system for consistent regulation of the temperature control of the coffee at the group head. The temperature can be programmed, to your individual requirements, to ensure the correct extraction of your coffee so it hits its sweet spot. The temperature control is displayed on the LED's positioned above the operating buttons. This gives an immediate representation of the machine's temperature and is a atheistically pleasing display. Combined with the pressure stat gauge, positioned behind the hot water outlet, which informs your of your steam pressure reading. You have the correct information at all times to make consistent coffee and perfectly foamed milk.
Five buttons below the temperature display allow you to control all programming and day to day operations of the machine. From the right is a on/off button does which just that, but also allows for an economy stand by mode. Next on the left is the boiler button controlling the 1.2 litre boiler with a 1200w heating element, if you don't need it don't turn it on, you can still make espresso's with out it. Then there are the coffee buttons to control the dose for one or two cups. Lastly is the hot water button, press it and hot water comes out of the hot water outlet below, simple !  Further to the left is an easy operation lever arm to open and close the steam wand for foaming your milk. On this machine you will find foaming an easy task as the system produces a consistent flow of steam at the correct pressure like a commercial machine. No more hot but flat milk !
The machine has an internal 3 litre water tank positioned just behind the steam wand. Making it total portable for all occasions or when no mains water supply is available. With a fault diagnosis alarm built in, this makes it an easy machine to operate for what can only be described as truly exceptional results.
Colour Rosso
(Red, doesn't sound half as nice does it?)
Technical Features
  • Electronic one group coffee machine
  • Proportioned dose setting
  • Electric heating
  • Electronic temperature regulation for coffee delivery group with steps of 1°C
  • Electronic temperature control of the boiler for hot water and steam delivery
  • Built-in safety thermostat
  • Indicator to warn of low water level in the tank 
  • Temperature indicated by LED display
  • Semi-automatic hot water delivery for infusions
  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Internal 3 litre tank
  • 2.5 litre boiler for hot water and steam delivery
  • 0.45 litre boiler for coffee delivery
  • 1 hot water outlet
  • 1 steam wand
  • Fault Diagnosis Alarms
  • Independant boiler heating function
  • Power Supply 230/110 V - 50/60 hz
  • Power Consumption 1200w boiler heating element / 800w group heating element
  • Economy function ( maximum consumption 1200w )
  • Dimensions Depth 415mm x Width 415mm x Hieght 385mm, but allow room for cups on top !
  • Weight 37kg
  • Requires 13amp electrical socket
  • Optional Coffee Counter and machine block
  • Optional Timer
In the Box
1 x S1 Mini-Vivaldi Espresso Machine, with drip tray.
1 x Filter Handle
1 x Single Filter Basket
1 x Double Filter Basket
1 x Cleaning Plate
1 x Instructions
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