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Malabar is a picturesque coastal town in the state of Kerala, India. Deep humus in the rich Indian soil and ideal climate conditions result in fantastic coffees. Once grown and picked, the beans are 'monsooned'. A process which involves spreading the beans across the floors of huts throughout the rain season, to recreate the    water-logging effects of the long ocean voyage, between India and Europe in the past. This process creates an earthiness and unique flavour nicely suited to Monsooned Malabar’s silky, lush body. This coffee displays a full body and low acidity, the flavour is mellow and soft. 

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    Location: Telford
    Smooth coffee but you need to make sure you put enough in
    Date: 21st May 2017
    Bought this yesterday and it gone already. Great tasting coffee, very smith and pleasant to drink. The one issue is that you need to put twice what you would usually put in to realise a grey cup of coffee.
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