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Our Cuban Serrano Lavado coffee is produced in the traditional manner (natural process) in the shade of the forest canopies of the Sierra Maestra Mountains. It is grown in small batches without the use of any chemical products. It is hand-picked and dried naturally in the hot Cuban sun. It is grown in the main, by smallholders. All this effort produces a wonderfully smooth, mellow coffee with a delicious nutty flavour; perfect for espresso. It gives fantastic results in all brew methods, due to its mild fruity acidity, smooth honey notes and a peanut butter finish.

The origins of Cuba's Coffee can be traced to a single plant introduced by Jose Antonio Gelabert, which was first grown in Cuba in 1748. But large scale cultivation only started in 1789, after a number of French coffee farmers escaped an armed slave revolt in Haiti. Those farmers brought with them a wide knowledge of coffee growing and processing, that still exists to this day. These coffee plants found an ideal home in the most fertile soil and perfect climate in the world. The standards set by the early planters have been carried on by the dedication of the Cuban people. For over two centuries Cuba has produced some of the finest Arabica coffee in the world, the flavour of which captures the excitement and passion of its peopleBut Cuba’s coffee harvest is now significantly smaller than it was, prior to the 1956 revolution. At that time Cuba was producing approximately 20,000 tonnes per year. Today this production level has plummeted to approximately 8,000 tonnes. In Cuba coffee is strictly rationed to 30g per adult every 2 weeks.

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