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MUTWARI translates to “CHIEF” in multiple Bantu languages. Like a chief, this coffee embodies its peers, but leads by example and always stands out from the normal. This coffee is a washed Arabica from the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

Cupping Notes: Sweet lemons, flavour of creamy toffee, with toasted aromas. A balanced acidity, with a medium body and a consistent after taste.

Mutwari coffee comes from 50 farmer groups / individual small holder farmers. It is composed of both CPU (central pulpery units-fully washed) and HP (home processed-home washed) coffee throughout the Mbozi, Mbeya Rural, Ileje, and Rungwe districts of Mbeya Region.

Farmer’s Profile: Although 60,000 farmers produce coffee in the Mbeya region. The Tembo Coffee Company has built dynamic business partnerships with producer groups that represent the 12,000 farmers who produce all of their coffee grades, including Mutwari. Tembo finances these groups to pay farmers cash and provide critical inputs to group members, who farm 1,000 coffee trees on average.

Production: Cherries are processed at either washing stations or by hand pulpers at individual farmers’ homes, both adhering to the quality standards of the Tembo Coffee Company.

Soil: Fertile, that is lightly acidic and rich in potassium and magnesium.

Processing / Drying method: Wet-processing, sun dried, green coffee is graded at Tembo’s facility.

Altitude: 1,150-2,000 meters

Varieties: Bourbon and Typica

Harvest Period / Shipping Period: June-August / September-February

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