Aroma Russian Caravan

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Russian Caravan is a blend Chinese and Oolong Teas. This creates a wonderful aromatic and full bodied tea, with a sweet, malty and smoky taste, with a bright liquor. It is a mixed large/medium leaf grade. 

In the 18th Century vast camel trains brought tea to Russia from China, a journey of six thousand miles, which took from between 16 to 18 months to complete. It is a fascinating tradition, which gave the tea its name. They would avoid the sea route to preserve the tea, as it thrived in the cold dry climate in Mongolia and Siberia. Traditionally the tea would take on the smoky flavour from the campfires, however in modern times Lapsang is added to create the smoky flavour.


Professional tea tasters, smell, taste and some also listen to the leaves while rubbing them together, to determine how dry they are.

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    Paolo Giuliano
    Location: Napoli - Italy
    Really really good
    Date: 9th December 2015
    traditional flavor is very intense and smoky
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