Christmas Special Coffee - 200g

Each year our Head Roaster selects one coffee to go in our Christams Special bag, this coffee will also support one family in Peru, as we have bought all of the coffee they produced this year at a premium above market price. A chocolately body, spicy cinnamon notes with a candied peel after taste, hence why it is also the ideal winter coffee. This also makes the ideal gift for your Friends and Family at Chritmas. Only available in 200g bags

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Christmas Cookie Fruit Infusion Tea

Christmas Cookie Fruit Infusion Tea! Mixture of dried fruits and oils to create a cosy Christmas mix perfect for warming up this Christmas. Spicy and sweet!

Scented Tea

We have a large range of fruit flavoured Black Teas. Not to be confused with Fruit Tisanes, which do not contain any tea and are just infusions of herbs or fruits. Most of the teas have got pieces of dried fruit to give the flavour, or concentrated oils to enhance the taste.

Loose Leaf Teas

Aroma Tea and Coffee Merchants stock a wide range of loose teas of the highest quality. The teas are all sourced from tea brokers in this country and we are always trying out new teas in store on our customers. Nowadays, nutrition pundits and diet experts, leading sports personalities and their trainers all agree that tea is a natural choice. “I could do with a nice cup of Tea” sums up the feelings that most of us have after a day out, some vigorous exertion or just as a way of relaxing.

Andrew's Cup Runneth Over

Friends invariably ask Andrew Turner to make the coffee at dinner parties. "I have even got the stage where I turn up with my own coffee pot and my own coffee," he says. For two decades Andrew, owner of Aroma, has been roasting his own "real" coffee. "I went into it after I failed my A-levels," he quips. There were genuine reasons why the former Priory Boys grammer school pupil from Shrewsbury failed his exams, but he soon learned to make the grade in coffee. The roast-your-own idea sprouted when, at the age of 18, he bought a cafetiere for his mother's birthday and could not find any fresh coffee to go with it. So the business, which has shops in Shrewsbury and Telford and a small industrial unit where the roasting takes place, began when coffee was not fashionable or chic. At one time Andrew would go to the docks with a trailer and fetch his own bags of coffee beans off the boats but now the loads are simply too big and, on average, five tons of coffee are delivered to Aroma's roasting premises each month. "When I started in 1981, in this country, we had one cup of coffee for every 10 cups of tea and that one cup of coffee was probably instant," says Andrew. "It's now four cups of coffee to every 10 cups of tea - and one of those four is real coffee, which is growing faster than instant."